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Guardian-Deluxe-Food-Storage-Survival-Kit Hurricane-Emergency-Kit Mt-Washington-3-Sleepers
Hurricane Emergency Kit
Our Price: $124.10
Guardian-Food-Storage-Survival-Kit Garfield-Mt64-4-Sleepers 2-Person-Guardian-Elite-Survival-Kit
Garfield Mt64 4 Sleepers
Our Price: $103.00



With the great Nashville Flood of 2010, we found out how unprepared we were.

We weren't alone, most of our neighbors were caught with little or (mostly) no

survival supplies or skills..

Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Earthquakes….. all leave people –

loved ones – in similar circumstances – little or no food, water, power,

communication, or shelter. Natural disasters are a part of life. We are all affected

by them and very few of us are prepared, Most don’t even know what emergency

essentials should be kept on hand.

We decided to do something about this situation! was created

to help prepare our family, friends, and neighbors for any emergency.

Emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility! No one can afford to be a victim!

With quality, long lasting survival supplies you and your loved ones can always be

prepared for whatever calamity arises. Food, water, shelter, power, communications,

and self-defense are emergency essentials you can stock for surviving

even the worst of times.

In recent years we've seen all of the afore mentioned disasters leave people, in all

parts if the world, helpless and dependent on the generosity or pity of others.

You don’t have to be and shouldn’t be one of the unprepared victims.

You can plan and provide for yourself and your loved ones right now,

before it’s too late. Our site,, is dedicated to providing

quality products and complete survival kits for any emergency so everyone

can be prepared with the emergency essentials and be self-sufficient in times of

disasters. Primary Survival carries long-lasting, dehydrated survival food from

quality providers like Guardian and Wise. Meat, dairy, vegetables, and complete

meals are available to fit your needs. Stock up for a few days or lay in survival

supplies the long run!

Water is essential! A stock pile or clean source is a must in any survival situation.

We have selections for all your needs. Clean pure water, water purifiers, and filters

from Guardian and Solar Sphere are available through our Food and Water selections.

A reliable source of electricity is also an emergency essential. Emergency Power

Solar, Gas, or Diesel Generators is on hand with our light and communications

selections and come from many the major manufacturers.

Being prepared starts with being informed and rescue is only possible if someone

knows where you are. To keep you in touch with the outside world, we have Dynamo

emergency radios and Motorola walkie-talkies.

Right up there as an essential survival necessity along with food and water is shelter.

Primary Survival has quality tents and sleeping bags from Giga Tents and Guardian

supplies. Whether for the overnight emergency or long-term shelter, you need to

have the survival supplies and equipment to protect yourself from the elements.

When it comes to self-defense, we have stun guns from Stunmaster and Z-Force,

pepper sprays from Michigan, Wildfire, and Peppershot, as well as other

self-defense products.

We also carry some basic hunting gear such as cross and composite bows.

So whether you’re preparing for the weekend power outage caused by a severe winter

storm or you are making sure you can care for yourself and loved ones in the event of

a major catastrophic event like a hurricane or earthquake, the time is NOW to plan and

prepare. Shop our product line and lay in the survival supplies you need.

Read our survival guides to better educate yourself on the emergency essentials and

how-to’s involved in surviving any emergency event.

The time to prepare is now, before it’s too late.

Primary Survival is here for you and your needs!

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